Thursday, April 10, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal slapped again while campaigning in Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief of the Aam Aadmi Party or AAP, has been attacked again while campaigning in Delhi for the general election. Mr Kejriwal was today slapped by an auto-rickshaw driver in Sultanpuri in north-west Delhi. The man climbed up on the AAP leader's vehicle and first garlanded him before slapping him hard. (Audio in Hindi)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Frankly Speaking with Arvind Kejriwal - Full Episode

Aam Admi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal is spelling out the national agenda ahead of the assembly elections. The activist turned politician says the electorate will vote for honesty.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sheila and Power companies are looting Delhi locals, alleged Kejriwal

Aam Aadmi Party worker Arvind Kejriwal slams serious allegations charges on Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit. Kejriwal exposed the alleged network between Delhi state government and Delhi's power distributors.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Disruption at Arvind Kejriwal's press conference

Amid the allegations made by Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan against Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), there was disruption at the press conference of India Against Corruption (IAC).

A man, who claimed that he was not from any political party, disrupted the press conference and asked Arvind Kejriwal as to why he and his wife were not transferred for last 20 years during his service as an Indian Revenue Services (IRS) officer. "I want to ask why you and your wife were never transferred out of Delhi," he asked.     

IAC alleges govt favoured Mukesh Ambani's Reliance in gas pricing

Arvind Kejriwal accused the Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries and the two biggest national parties of being hand in glove and indulging into corrupt prices, saying both "the Congress and the BJP are in Ambani's pockets". He also alleged that Jaipal Reddy was replaced with Veerappa Moily to raise gas prices.

Kejriwal now targets alleged Swiss bank account holders

Arvind Kejriwal alleged that brothers Mukhesh and Anil Ambani and Congress MP Annu Tandon, among others, have crores of rupees deposited in banks in Switzerland. He said this was based on a list of 10 account holders in HSBC bank in Geneva that was passed on to him by a senior Congress leader that was later cross-checked by a team of his India Against Corruption (IAC) organisation.

Kejriwal Tells India TV, Leaders Like Lalu Will Be The First To Go To Ja...

“Leaders Like Lalu Will Be The First To Go To Jail” ~ Arvind Kejriwal

Decoding Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal has played many roles - from an Income Tax officer to an RTI activist, Anna's aide and now a politician. But who exactly is Arvind Kejriwal?

700 accounts had over Rs 6000 crores: Kejriwal on black money

Arvind Kejriwal says that his sources have told him that about Rs 6000 crores as black money has been stashed abroad in tax havens, but the government claims that figure is only Rs 565 crores.

Tournament Player Stats of International Cricket Series

ICC Rating Update of Countries in Cricket

International Cricket Series Score Update

Sunday, December 23, 2012

अरविंद ने बताए जनलोकपाल के फायदे

अरविंद ने बताए जनलोकपाल के फायदे

Arvind Speech at Jantar Mantar_Protest against Govt. Lokpal Bill

Arvind Speech at Jantar Mantar Protest against Govt. Lokpal Bill

Kejriwal demands protection for whistleblowers

Kejriwal demands protection for whistleblowers

Govt made promises to Anna, then betrayed him: Kejriwal

Govt made promises to Anna, then betrayed him: Kejriwal

HOTSEAT with Arvind Kejriwal (IBN7)

HotSeat with Arvind Kejriwal (IBN7)

In Conversation with Arvind Kejriwal

Conversation with Arvind Kejriwal


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